What is an Infinity Wall?

Infinity Walls, Coves or Cycloramas

An Infinity Wall studio, also called a cyclorama studio is used for a variety of purposes within the following industries: television and film, broadcast media, photography, animation and virtual reality studios.

In stills photography, the advantage of a cyc background is the ability to make your background virtually 'disappear,' which creates a multitude of possibilities for lighting and allows whatever product you are shooting to take centre stage.

In photography, an infinity cove or infinity cyclorama is an all-white space with no corners, designed to give the impression that the background of an object extends to infinity.


In television, film and broadcast media, whether it be cyclorama, green screen, blue screen, chroma key, digital photography background, shooting a commercial, a news grab or filming a video, a cyclorama background provides a plethora of possibilities.


In the virtual reality industry where chroma key and compositing technology are used to create virtual sets, a cyc background is not just beneficial, it is essential. The computer systems that produce the virtual backgrounds and special effects which you see in more and more movies and various video applications, require that filming be done against a seamless (no visible corners or shadowing) chroma-key backdrop - which is then painted a very specific shade of blue or green otherwise known as blue screen or green screen.


Chroma key is a method for mixing two images together where a colour from one image is removed, revealing another image behind it, which is how a virtual set is created. A good cyclorama studio is the perfect solution to meeting that need and is ideal for working with digital photography backgrounds too.


Infinity walls or coves range from a simple roll of paper to whole studios (often used for photographing cars). The principle of design is that everything behind the object is curved so that no edges can be seen.


Hence our name, INFINITY WALL 97.

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