Q Do I need to bring my own camera and photographer?

Yes you do, IW97 is a space for hire - but we have loads of lighting - if you don't have anyone let us know and we can help you find one.


Q Can I come and check out the studio sometime?

Sure, call or email Jane, our studio manager to arrange a time to come and have a look around.

Q Who will be there to open and close the studio?

Jane will be there to see you in, hand over the keys and back to check everything before you leave.

Q Is there free parking or studio parking?

Yes, we have 2 parking spots available at the rear access (97 Church Lane)

There’s also loads of 2P parking on the main street.  And some free parking in surrounding streets.

Q Can I arrive early for my booking to set up?

Sure you can, but that is taken into account for your total allocated time, there will be an overtime charge in half hour increments, amount according to PEAK or OFF PEAK times. (see HOURS & RATES). If the studio is in use prior to your booking you may come early but won’t be able to access the studio facilities.

Q I want to arrive at 5am or I want to shoot past 11:30pm – possible?

We have OFF PEAK rates for the after-hours. (see HOURS & RATES)

Q Can we do a deal or can I have a discount because I am a student?

Our OFF PEAK time and rates are for low budgets, students, NFP’s and charities – if you have a special request don’t hesitate to ask us.

Q Do you have WIFI?

IW97 is in a TELSTRA AIR hotspot but if you require WiFi and are shooting in PEAK time, we can provide VIVID Wireless modem at $70 pd.

Q Do you do events or parties?

Depends on what you are doing, if you are planning 100 drunk people, then NO, if you are doing a small workshop or fashion event then please discuss with us. The studio isn’t set up for parties or with audience seating. Please note we may charge a bond and premium rates might apply.

Q Is the studio private use only?

Yes, this isn’t a shared space.  You are the only person using it when booked. 

Q Is the studio suitable for video with sound?

We are not a sound proof studio but it’s pretty quiet, we suggest you come and check it out first if this is a concern.

Q We want to use a paint bomb or throw flour and paint dust everywhere?

Sounds like fun, but NO powder as it will clog the equipment – for other substances needed for the shoot remember you are responsible to clean the studio afterward and within your booking time. You may also be charged a repaint or cleaning fee.

Q Are smoke machines ok?

As long as you aren’t lighting a fire and it’s a chemical smoke machine then no problem.

Q I just broke one of your lights – what happens?

Clients a liable for all breakages in the studio, so look after it like it’s your own. Breakages will be charged for the repair cost.

​​Q Do you suggest any catering?

New Leaf in the main street for awesome vegetarian food Ph xxxxxxxx

Fitz 'n Potz in the MArts Precinct near the Regent for beverages. Ph: xxxxxx

For other options just ask us.

Q Hey we have load of rubbish and we have messed up the studio?

You are required to take any rubbish out to the bins provided at the rear access. Any large/excess rubbish please take with you - and leave the studio as you found it, if we have to pay for cleaners then you will have to pay for them.
(See T’s & C’s for details)

Q Do you have wheelchair access?

Sorry we don’t, the studio is on the first floor and there are 6 steps to access the rear from Church Lane.


Have any other questions or suggestions please feel free to email us at


Frequently Asked Questions

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